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Nail Trimming for Dogs

I got really upset the other morning because I woke up discovering that my dog's paw was bleeding continuously. This happened because my mom tried to trim the dog's nails by herself. She trimmed it so short that she caught the dog's skin by mistake. I told her a lot of times not to bother herself with it anymore since she did the same thing to our dog the last time as well. It's been a long time since I took our dog to the grooming salon so, his nails were really very long to the extent that we would get hurt whenever he wanted to play with us. I have to get his nails done by a professional groomer because he's very jumpy when it comes to this "beautification" process since he doesn't like to get his nails trimmed at all. He gets really angry whenever somebody tries to cut it. I guess my mom couldn't resist herself anymore since the dog's nails were really getting very sharp and long so she forced to make it happen. She told me that when she was almost done, and had to cut just one nail left, the dog made a sudden move. Resulting for the incident to happen. I treat my dog like my little baby that's why I got really worried and upset so when I saw him bleeding profusely in one room. I picked him up right away, calming him by softly speaking. I took him to the nearest sink and there I washed his paw with running water from the faucet. He didn't want anybody touching the wound so it was really hard for me to clean his paw with antiseptic solutions. I held him on my lap for a long time, to I could apply pressure on his wound, so that it would stop bleeding. He became calmed then. After that, he just crawled down to his favorite spot under my bed and licked his paw. Thankfully, he seemed a lot better in the evening of that day.

A simple reminder to all the pet owners out there, be really careful when trimming your pet's nails. :)

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  1. kitty said...
    diba masama rin ang pag trim mismo ng nails ng aso dahil nabibiyak mga nails, there's an infomercial about this electric nail file ng dog, instead of cutting it na fafile lang sya. kawawa nman ano, nasugatan, ganun talaga mahirap tantyahin kasi eh. :)

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