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Emergency Room

It's very hard to work in a hospital. You have to deal with sick, easily irritated, and sometimes depressed people all the time. I was exposed in the ward very much. It was a lot of work since I was always assigned from 6 to 9 patients per shift. It's fun and fulfilling if you got he hang of it. But, the experience in the emergency room is much more different than any other areas in the hospital. It's exciting and scary at the same time because you get to encounter different types of medical cases first hand in the ER. The dirty work is always done there. You can't transfer a patient to the ward if he or she isn't somehow stabled. Everybody moves very fast and procedures are done there quickly. If ever I'd be working in the hospital again, I want to be assigned in the Emergency room already. There'sa difeerent tyoe and level of training there.


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