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American Idol Finale

I was a follower of the show American Idol before. Especially during season three. I was lucky enough to wake up early this morning (since I don't usually do that anymore). Because of this, I was able to watch the Finale of the latest season live... The reality show was shown live via satellite in the Philippines at probably 8 o'clock in the morning. American Idol is pretty big in this country too that's why we have our own version of it. I wasn't able to watch most of the episodes in this season. But basing from the very few episodes I've watched, I had my BET on Adam all the way... That's why, I got really disappointed when they announced that Kris was the winner. I'm not saying that Kris didn't deserve it (because they both do)... I just feel that Adam was way better... He had presence, originality, amazing vocals, and consistency.

During the season finale, Kris and Adam had a duet. They sang "We Are The Champions" by Queen. I barely heard Kris' voice during the whole song. There is no doubt that Adam took over the stage and made sure he stood out. It felt like Kris' was only singing back up. Aside from the performances in the season finale, Adam remained consistently strong during the whole competition.

People don't appreciate real talent anymore... It's high time to become open to diversities. Let's not turn shows like this into a popularity contest. Despite of the outcome, I am so sure that Adam will go further in the music industry in terms of success compared to Kris. Peace :)


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