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A devastating accident occurred last May 23, 2009 off the coast of Batangas. One if the ships of MB Commando apparently sank in the middle of the sea while on it's way to Puerto Galera. 12 passengers were declared dead and a large number of the total survivors were injured. Investigators are still on the case. Some people are saying that the accident happened bacausse of overloading. The booat was said to only hold a maximum of 40 people, but on that day, MB Commandos accommodated 58 passengers. We can't conclude on that statement yet because it's still under investigation. This tragedy is very upsetting. I am deeply sorry for those families who have lost heir loved ones due to this accident.

I have been to Puerto Galera twice and I rode MB Commandos ship line each time. They do let a lot of passengers ride their boats especally during summer (Puerto Galera's peak season). I didn't think that they have enoough life vests for everyone if ever something bad happens. But I was with a lot of friends at the time so they helped a lot in taking my mind off of it. It's very alarming that something like this had to happen. A lot of tourist (especially foreigners) venture off to Puerto Galera.

Survivors from the accident are left wondering on how it happened because they were experiencing calm waters and fair weather at the time. I do hope that justice would be served for the victims of this horrific accident. At least let the families who got left behind could have an explination as to what had happened.


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