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Hello and welcome to my site. A personal page for me to blog about my experiences, spur of the moment thoughts, feelings, travel, and etc. I hope you have fun reading my entries as much as I enjoyed writing them. Please feel free to leave your comments and messages.

When I was still a kid, I always looked forward for Christmas each year. As time pass by and I get older, Christmas doesn't have that same effect on me anymore. Back then, I could imagine the twinkle in my eyes everytime I wake up in a christmas morning, so excited to tear apart those colorful gift wrappers and hopeful to receive something I really wished for. Now, there are lesser presents and more work. All of a sudden, this certain special holiday has a brand new meaning. Cheers for the season of giving, appreciation, and love.

I regularly do the laundry here at home twice a week. It;s not too hard since I'm always using the washing machine. So, I just put the clothes, detergent, and water all in and set it to spin for 15 minutes. Then, I could leave it to do its job as I watch TV or surf the internet. Anyways, today was different for me. I washed the colored shirts earlier today as I was speaking to a friend through the phone. I was very reluctant to leave my laundry behind because I've been doing it so for the longest time. After almost an hour, I went back to check on it if the clothes were ready to be rinsed. Everything seemed normal until I picked the clothes up one by one from the dyer to hang them on the clothes line. My dad's pink polo shirt had big blue stains on it!!! I got so freaked out! I'll be in big trouble if he finds out. He doesn't like it whenever incidents like this happened to one of his clothes that's why he does his own laundry most of the time.

I tried everything I could do wash the stain away but anything doesn't work. Eventually, I gave up. :( I'll just be hiding it somewhere. My dad has lots of clothes so I wish he won't notice it mssing ;)


Wishful thinking... :)

I'm crossing my fingers really tight for tomorrow.

Every lady takes how they smell very seriously. We girls have always been conscioused about this certain aspect of our body. Like for example, I never go out of the house without wearing any of my signature scents and I try so hard not to move so much so that I could avoid sweating. Vanity is well displayed my the female gender, but now a days, men are not that scared to express their desire to look and smell good too.

Anyways, I made this post to give you, my friends an idea of how I smell. :)


Lacoste Touch of Pink

Armani Red Jeans Perfume

Body Shop's Golden Apple Body Lotion

Bath and Body Works Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer (Country Apples)


Penshoppe Cologne (the purple one)

Marks & Spencer's Hand Lotion

Paris Hilton Perfume

Victoria's Secret Lovespell Body Spray

Victoria's Secret Lovespell Body Lotion

These are some of the favorite scents I use. ;) What about yours?

In the United States there are no generic infant formulas. The truth is all infant formulas are subject to the same regulations governing manufacturing and ingredients as stipulated by the Infant Formula Act,” said Dr. Barbara Levine, Weill Cornell Medical College. “Store-brand infant formulas sold at major retailers are therefore a premium nutritional substitute at a value price and meet the same exacting FDA nutritional requirements as all the major brands. As a nutritionist I know the truth about infant formula: there is no nutritional reason to buy the much more expensive formulas sold by the big pharmaceutical companies. The quality and safety of the manufacturing are also inspected in same way by the FDA.

Attention dear parents... Did you know that breast feeding can make you save up to $2,000 per year? Health care providers encourage mothers to practice breast feeding to promote health and bonding for both the mom and the infant. A great example of its illness prevention properties amongst newborns is the fact that breast milk contain natural immunoglobulin that can be delivered to the baby in help to fight off infections.

There is actually no baby formula available right now in the market that can totally replace breast milk. Buying an inexpensive infant formula does not mean that your baby is getting less compared to if he or she will be consuming a more expensive one from larger and well known pharmaceutical companies. Like for example, Parent's Choice Milk based DHA and ARA costs $12.8 cheaper than Nestle's Good Start Supreme DHA and ARA. This surprisingly let's me save $55.1 per month or a whopping $661.90 per year. That amount could be placed into some more good use for the whole family, especially if you're in a tight budget. The FDA controls the product's quality by making sure that each brand meet their standards through careful and strict inspection before they get approved for selling. So rest assure that your baby is getting the adequate nutrition he or she needs no matter what.

WIC, a federal agency that provides nutrition, counseling, food, and access to health care service for women, infants, and children who are in a low-income will be reallocating its funding for all currently provided foods, including infant formula, baby foods, juices, and fresh fruits and vegetables. This means, parents who were previously assisted by WIC will have to purchase regular formula at their own expense thus helping the promotion of breast feeding as well.

So in conclusion, breast milk is the best and most inexpensive way for you to nourish your infant.



I got to see this video through a posted link from Facebook. I had no idea that it was funny. I just assumed that the video was of a really cute kid doing her thing to impress the grown ups around her.

Isn't she the sweetest??! I think she's so cute! I could watch her video all day and not get tired of it... This video doesn't stop putting a big smile in my face. I hope by watching this, you could feel the same way as I did. This surely takes a load off from your back.

Hi everyone! If you could remember, I wrote about the "You Gotta See This" Video Contest brought to us by Abbot Medical Optics Inc. (AMO), the world's leading company in laser vision correction almost two months ago. If you were suffering from any visual disturbances before, and you had the iLASIK procedure done to you, AMO wants to know about your life changing experience through a video contest that allows you to have a fabulous opportunity to take home as mush as $5,000 in the grand prize at the same time. Aside from that, three first prize winners will be getting an HDTV package worth $2,500 and three second prize winners will have the Flip UltraHD camcorder with a $199.99 value, both one per video category.

The iLASIK Video Contest is still open for more entries. People have already submitted music videos, and videos on boxing and swimming. Feel free to get creative and unique. You can send in any type of original video clip that very well show how the iLASIK procedure made your life a lot easier by letting you see the world more clearly under these categories:

• “My contacts are getting in the way of my good time”
• “My favorite sport or activity would be so much cooler with better vision”
• “You should see life after the iLASIK® Procedure”

Doesn't that sound so exciting? Plus, It's very easy to join. After this, you can submit your entry to the iLASIK Video Contest website. Then encourage your friends to vote for you because the votes are the key factor in determining as to who wins the prizes.

So, what are you waiting for? Send in your videos now. Good luck!


This picture was taken several months ago during a 2 to 10pm shift at the hospital where I used to work. The photo very well describes a life of a nurse here in the Philippines. These are examples of the objects that we see and make use of everyday.

The stethoscope helps s assess our patient's vital signs. The calculator helps us accurately compute for the patient's proper intravenous and drug dosage. The bottle of IV fluid that we administer to clients who has any fluid and electrolyte imbalance or to keep the patient's vein open as prescribed by the doctor. A fresh unopened syringe that we always have in our pockets to be prepared for any emergency. The standard black, blue, and red pens that we use for proper documentations. An ipod, to keep us company. And a couple of cigarettes for those people that needs it for stress reduction.

But no matter how tiring the job is... At the end of the day, your overwhelmed of the feeling that you did something good for someone by making them feel better despite of their weak condition.

Kids today are very fortunate to have the luxury of using the internet. Back then, we could only rely on the telephone and the good old fashion house visits whenever we wanted to keep in touch with a certain person. I have nieces and nephews who already know how to work their way through the world wide web as early as 4 years old. I got to admit that it's pretty impressive but this issue still bothers me a lot. For example, my cousin whose 12, already has her own Facebook account. This kind of scares me because most of the social networking sites available right now are very interactive and has poor privacy policies. Children are in great danger from the fast growing head count of child predators in the internet.

My friends who have kids tell me that it's harmless since they only allow their children to use the computer under their supervision. But come on? Kids are very smart. How are you so sure that they really don't go online whenever you're not around? Thankfully, I discovered NannySoft. It's a software that discretely allows you to monitor what your children are doing whenever their surfing the net. This will surely provide relief for those busy parents who can't keep their eye on their kids as much as they have to.

Try to visit NannySoft to download their free trial right now. Their website provides you with screenshots of the software to give you a good view as to how easy to use it.


We started as friends. Then as time passed by, we turned into secret lovers... Bonded by silence and restrictions because of certain conditions laid out at the time. We had days that we felt like we've given it our all. There were even times when we have thought of giving up. But no matter how hopeless our future seemed before, we didn't stop trying. It's so magical whenever the road I choose to take always led me to you.

Another year, another chance for us to grow... To love, and to become better. There wouldn't be a me right now if it hadn't been because of you. I am strong and aggressive because I want to be your protector... Knowing you're there behind me helps me think I could do whatever. I'm not scared to break down everyday as long as you'll be there to pick up the pieces with me. I wouldn't mind getting hurt if it was because of you.

Loving you is so easy... For I see no conditions... No wrongs... And no limitations.

I’m already 23 and I still deal with the occasional acne spurt every month (just before my period). It was a lot worse back in high school but it totally made a setback just before I entered college. I used a lot of anti-acne creams on my face that was prescribed by the dermatologist. It worked for quite some time but I developed a bad reaction to it. It contained Benzoyl Peroxide... But I didn’t know that it could cause harmful effects at the time so I didn’t hesitate to apply it on my skin.

Because of what happened, I became really furious to anything that I’ll be putting on my face. Ever since then, I think the natural way is the Best Acne Treatment for everyone. Diet modification is always good. Eating healthy can prevent us from getting horrible acne. Or sleeping for a good 8 hours per day is a great idea too.

We should take good care of our skin all the time. It’ll be the first thing that other people would be noticing from you.

Following tradition, me and my family went to the cemetary earlier today to pay our respects to our dearly departed. As always, the cemetary was packed with thousands of people durung this day. It was very hot and annoying all at the same time. But despite of the condition, I found myself still having fun because I was bonding with the rest of my relatives. I guess, we'll just have to endure certain scenarios like this every once in a while to become closer to the people you love. Holidays and occassions like this only happen a few times each year so why not just take that leap and enjoy every moment you could get a hold of.

Happy Holloween everyone!

A couple of months ago, Red Chair Confessions launched a running video campaign all over the internet. I was able to come across this video a lot of times in Youtube. I couldn't help myself from getting so intrigued when I watched it for the first time. I was so clueless during the first half of the video. I though the campaign was about a new chocolate bar or something (a chocolate bar so good, that it makes you feel so sinful in every bite). Apparently, I was wrong...

"Who would've known?" is right. I was very surprised when I found out that this was about Talbots. I honestly didn't get it right away. But I was so amazed when I finally did. I think it's so cute and funny. A young and modern woman couldn't believe that she finds pleasure in shopping at the same place where her mother and high school professor buy clothes from.

Now, Talbots is tapping into today's younger generation of women by adding hip, sexy, timeless, and affordable pieces to their collection. They can now compete along side with those other well known brands in the market that caters to all age groups as well.

I am a big fan of their sweaters and coats. I'm guilty of shopping there too through their website.

So, what are you waiting for? Try to visit Talbots now and share your favorite item here after browsing into their products. Happy shopping!


I've been blogging for quite some time now and I still could not understand how to get a Pagerank (PR) for my site. I've read a few descriptions from the internet, and according to the numerous explanations I've stumbled on to, a PR helps you determine if your site is consistently visited my a large number of visitors per day... So, the more famous your site gets, the higher your rank could be. Right?

But how can I promote my site? Aside from visitng and exchaging links with other blogs, what else could I do? I would really appreciate your suggestions. :) Thank you!!! Happy blogging :)

R.A. Gapuz Review Center is a well known company here in the Philippines. They conduct review courses for nurses who wishes to pass the local licensure exam, NCLEX, CGFNS, IELTS, and TOEFL. I enrolled on one of their review programs for the national licensure examination last 2007 and I passed. I relied a lot from their materials and read only 3 books (which is quite a few, compared to how many my batchmates were reading at the time).

I've learned a lot from my last review so I decided to trust them again for my NCLEX on December. We're running towads our 2nd week right now and we've been mostly tackling about Medical-Surgical Nursing. So far, I've been liking it. It feels as if my brain's being drilled with so many informations all at the same time. My class starts at 10:30 am and we usually finish around 8:30 pm. So, you could just imagine, how terribly exhausting that it for the mind! But, NO PAIN, NO GAIN!

Health care professionals have always encouraged mothers to breastfeed their child ideally, right after birth up to twelve months. The American Academy of Pediatrics recognizes it as the gold standard in infant nutrition. Doing so benefits both the mother and the infant. Aside from the promotion of mother and child bonding, it also helps strengthen both parties’ health. For example, during breastfeeding, the mother passes antibodies to the infant that fights off microorganisms that causes infection. Mothers could also experience lactating amenorrhea, a natural contraception that may last up to six months.

Unfortunately, not all mothers could have the luxury of experiencing this task because they have to go immediately back to work, they’re on a maintenance drug, or they’re not in their proper health condition due to certain diseases. Because of this, they rather purchase the expensive infant formulas to alleviate their guilt without realizing that the cost doesn’t reflect the quality of the product at all. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) makes it a point that every product available in the market right now passed their standards. Store brand or private-labelled formulas are inexpensive yet it contains adequate nutrients that are equivalent to what the larger pharmaceutical companies has to offer. So instead of spending more money on those national brand formulas, mothers can now be rest assured that their kids are receiving the same amount of nutrition from buying store brand formula too.

And as of October 1, 2009, a new WIC (Women, Infant and Child Program) aimed at increasing breastfeeding rates among families. This can result to a 20% decrease in infant-formula subsidies, baby foods, juices, and fresh fruits and vegetables for babies. Thus, parents who previously had most of their formula paid for by WIC may now have to purchase formula on their own.


Me and my mom took my aunts in Trinoma three weeks ago to give them a short tour of Quezon City. I suggested that we park the car in Glorrieta, Makati so that we could just ride the MRT from there to Trinoma Mall. It felt as if it was a great plan because if I had driven the car all the way to North Avenue, it'll surely take us longer due to the bumper to bumper raffic. We arrived in Ayala around 3:30 pm, and we rode the MRT as soon as we got there. I was thinking that it'll be a fun and breezy trip since it wasn't rush hour yet.

After a few minutes, the train arrived in our station. We were all caught surprised as to how many people were riding the MRT at the time. We battled our way inside and endured the very small space we had to occupy while standing up as the train was moving. I got worried for my mom's safety because she wasn't fit to travel in her condition during the time.

I just kept telling them that the discomfort of the situation wouldn't last long. The trip from Ayala station to North Avenue took us less than 20 minutes. We would only have to torture ourselves for a short span of time. I figured that once we get pass this, it'll just be smooth sailing for the rest of the trip.

When we finally got to North Avenue station, where Trinoma mall was... Our faces was in extreme awww! We were happy and grateful that we got there already. We walked around the whole place and felt kinda disappointed of what we saw. Trinoma mall is a well talked about place in Manila, so we expected a lot from it. It was a big and family-friendly place, but not something worth getting out of your way to go to. It'll be probably take me months before I go back there!

I think I’m a very cheap person. I usually just buy products off the sale rack. But after finding out about Talbots, I've discovered that being fashionable and cheap could go along side after all. You can check red chair confessions to know more about their styles. I was so surprised to see their wide collection of apparels, shoes, and accessories that were 50% cheaper than the items I regularly buy in the mall.

If I had $500 to spend, I would update my wardrobe with the sexy and classy pieces Talbots has to offer. Because we're right in the middle of the rainy season, I'm thinking of pulling off the Knits and Purls look.

Here's an idea of what I'm talking about. My top picks for the perfect rainy day attire:

Buckle-kitten Heel Pumps
Classic pumps that can fit any type of style you're in the mood for. I highly advise this for the working women who’s always on the go. The heels are not too high, so it gives you the convenience of going up and about your business without easily tiring yourself.

Straight-leg Jeans
You can never go wrong with denim. This specific cut gives you the illusion of longer and leaner legs no matter what your body type is.

Flyaway Cardigan
I love cardigans. It gives you that relax and fresh look at any given occasion.

Pebbled Leather Tote
Not only is this bag very stylish, but it provides you with more space for your everyday paraphernalia.

Pearl Cluster Necklace
Sophisticated pearls with a new twist.

All that I have chosen above didn't even reach the allotted $500 budget. Thus, leaving me more money to spend! So, what are you waiting for? Try visiting Talbots now. Happy shopping!


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